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Knotty Bead Jewelry

I am so glad you found my home page. Here you will find a portal to my shop where you can browse for custom beaded jewelry that is hand crafted in a thoughtful and a loving way. Each piece is an extension of me that is carefully planned and executed to produce high quality works of art. When you visit my shop you will no doubt notice this is not mainstream beaded jewelry, which is why you are here. You are not the person that shops at stores selling exactly the same thing all the other stores are selling. You are different and you want your jewelry to reflect this. Enter and enjoy.
I enjoy beading for many reasons. It is very versatile, almost anything can be added to a design like pearls my personal favorite, colors abound and are only limited by the imagination, and new technology has made beading thread vastly superior making bead weaving a very durable art. It is also addicting for me. I enjoy thinking up new projects, trying out different color schemes, checking the wear-ability, and I want a person wearing my custom jewelry to feel good about themselves.

Ayn Buettner

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